The Snack Bar

Welcome to The Snack Bar!

Located at 520 Adams, Hoboken, the Snack Bar is a unique and family-friendly experience where parents can enjoy a relaxing time at the bar while their children have a safe and entertaining play space.  We aim to create a harmonious environment that caters to both adults and kids. 


Our Story:

Once upon a time, on a gloomy, rain-soaked morning, I found myself in a predicament. WIth three energetic young boys at home, the thunder and rain outside meant we were trapped indoors. The walls of our apartment were closing in, and the chorus of “I’m bored” echoed through every room. I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe my eyes, how was it only 9am?! I FaceTimed my sister in law, who herself had two young, equally energetic boys, to sympathize with. How would we survive until bedtime?! 

And that was the day the vision for the Snack Bar was born - a place unlike anywhere we’d been to in our local community. A concept far more commonplace in European countries - a shared space where parents could unwind, and children could play to their hearts’ content.   

The concept is simple - parents can sip on their preferred beverages, from craft beers to cocktails, while children explore and make friends in the play area.  

For parents and caretakers, the Snack Bar is a revelation. A chance to sip on an adult beverage, chat with other parents and strengthen friendships, or even (dare we say it!) relax and enjoy a much needed break from the confines of home.

For kids, it's a paradise of endless fun - climb, slide and bounce to their heart’s content. A place where birthdays are celebrated, playdates arranged, and family gatherings hosted.  It is more than a bar and play space; it is a hub for building memorings and nurturing relationships. A place where everyone feels at home, where the clinking of glasses mixed with the sounds of children’s laughter create a unique symphony of joy and togetherness. 

We want the Snack Bar not to just be a place on the map, but a treasured part of this town’s identity.  From the owners of Schmitty's Hoboken, The Snack Bar reminds us that in this modern world, where time often feels scarce and rushed, there is always room to come together as a family, to enjoy life and let the good times roll. 


How Our Place Space Works:

Open Play

 Party Packages

$ per child

Sibling discount

Children under 6 months are free of charge 

Saturdays & Sundays:

1.5 hour or 2 hour party packages

Timeslot 2: 3pm-5pm

Book parties two weeks in advance (minimum) 

    **We do not allow birthday celebrations during open play

    ***Must complete a waiver in advance

    ****Socks are required for children, adults may wear shoes

    Book parties two weeks in advance (minimum) 

    Looking to book your next party at The Snack Bar or inquire about any other reservations? Fill out the form below and our team will be in contact shortly!